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Bishops Insurance Brokers Newport Isle of Wight

Address: 138 High Street, Newport Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, PO30 1TY
Telephone: 01983 521311
Contact: Claims and Insurance
Car insurance, home insurance, commercial and many types of specialist and high level insurance. Based in Newport Isle of Wight.

Providing a personal insurance service from a local office, with all the associated benefits of direct local contact, and of course a face to accompany the service.

Local insurance brokers are not just about providing friendly service in your area either. The very wide choice of different insurance policies available can frequently provide a very attractive price - and even more importantly, an attractive price for the insurance you need.

Taking just the example of car insurance, when you take a look at exactly what insurance you are being offered, you need to know whether your No Claims bonus is protected. And there are many other very important points, that can potentially cost you serious money later, if the particular insurance cover is not included up front. Are your legal expenses covered, or not? And if so, to what value?

What about the insurance excess? On the car? On the windscreen? On the contents? The music system? Are some of these things not covered, or covered inadequately to meet the value in your car?

And exactly the same type of questions need to asked - and properly answered - for any insurance policy you take out, whether it is for your home, other personal insurances, or business or specialist insurance items. A piece of higher value jewellery, or furniture, or specialised leisure and sports equipment, for example.

Your local insurance broker will be happy to cover all these things with you, so you have the piece of mind of knowing you’re properly covered.

You will also find that it is particularly useful to have a local broker on hand when the unforeseen happens, and you actually have to make a claim, or when you need any other advice.

Local insurance brokers also tend to have first hand knowledge of local repairers. And quite aside from all the potential benefits to you, you are also helping your local area by placing your business with people who strongly contribute to and support your local economy, by paying the considerable local council business taxes, and of course providing local employment, including their staff, and spending on services required to run their business.